Square Tubular Skylights

Square Tubular Skylights are a welcome addition to any room. By using skylights, you can bring the light from outside into any part of your home. The use of square tubular skylights negates the use of electricity. The natural sunlight that a skylight brings into your home is far superior to light from man made bulbs.

The use of these skylights allows light into areas that are difficult to install standard skylights and are also a cheaper alternative to standard skylights. Start saving money now and enhance the lighting in your home with the use of our Tubular Skylights.

Four Seasons Roof Windows brings you Square Tubular skylights that have the following advantages:

  • Brings light into dark areas
  • The affordable alternative to a larger skylight
  • A Square Tubular skylight is quick and easy to install
  • Four Seasons Skylights are created with original roof flashings
  • The high quality welded aluminium and glass, square tubular skylight is an aesthetically more pleasing option than the perspex dome.
  • The square tubular skylights has a much longer life span than the perspex tubular alternative.
  • Installing Skylights will reduce electricity consumption therefore making them a more eco-friendly alternative to electric lighting

Benefits of installing Square Tubular Skylights 

  • Saves on electricity consumption  
  • 33% more light than tubing with an 84% reflective index  
  • Virtually indestructible UV protected dome  —We use  a proper 450 square aluminium skylight instead of dome which eventually wears
  • Internationally approved dome ISO 7823-1
  • Miro4,  95% reflective tubing imported from Germany
  • Guarantee certificate on workmanship for 10 years  –No 2 Years on installation
  • Guarantee certificate on our products for 10 years  
  • Various sizes to meet your requirements  Only one size 450 Sq
  • Enhances your internal living space by introducing natural light 
  • No structural alterations  
  • Installation in approximately 2 hours  
  • Best value for money


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