Skylights and Roof Windows Pinelands

Tubular Skylights

Bringing natural sunlight into a room is a good thing for health, the environment and your electric bill. But it can be difficult to do when a home in Pinelands doesn’t have exterior walls with windows or if a window installation isn’t feasible for any reason. That’s where a Tubular Skylight from Four Seasons Roof Windows & Skylights can help.

Also known as solar tubes and light tunnels, these energy efficient daylighting devices are more compact and cheaper than traditional skylights. They’re designed with performance and ease of installation in mind and come with a 25-year transferable warranty.

They’re designed to minimize the size of roof penetrations, and they’re built with leak-preventing flashing. They feature a clear dome that captures the sun’s sunlight, directing it to a mirrored light pipe that extends from the roof to the ceiling. It then distributes natural light evenly throughout a room, allowing you to enjoy the full spectrum of daylight that makes colors appear richer.

Unlike unfiltered natural sunlight, which can cause furniture or carpet to fade, Tubular skylights have UV absorbing materials in the dome and diffuser that eliminate fading issues. They also feature an integrated solar powered nightlight that automatically turns on at dusk, allowing you to turn off the lights and stay comfortable while still enjoying the benefits of bright and healthy natural light. You can even customize your lighting with a wide variety of Four Seasons Roof Windows & Skylights accessories like ventilation, dimming and more.

Large Skylights

Whether you’re looking to transform an entire room or simply add natural light to a small space, Large Skylights offer the wow factor. With a single large pane of glass and the absence of mullions they deliver an unblemished view to the outdoors, elevating your interior design.

If you’re looking for performance, you need a Skylight with a high level of light transmission, low solar gain and good insulation in Pinelands. This will ensure your Skylight provides you with loads of natural light while still being comfortable and safe in the summer months.

In the winter, you will want a Skylight that will reflect a significant proportion of the sun’s heat back into your home in Pinelands and not let it pass through and leave you cold. Look for a Skylight with a low “U-value”, around the 0.9-1.4 range.

A great Skylight will make your room feel warm and inviting all year round, and it will also be a huge energy saver. With a high level of insulation, you will minimize the infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths that would otherwise heat up your home.

Some Skylights can open as roof windows to bring in fresh air. This can be a welcome addition to the room and creates a more open feeling that is often desired in modern living. Motorized Skylight shades are available to help control air flow and temperature in your home in Pinelands by allowing you to open or close your skylights with the push of a button on your remote control.

Roof Windows

Often known as skylights or roof windows, this window type is one of the best ways to bring natural light into your Pinelands residence. Adding a roof window can brighten dark corridors and rooms, as well as add value to your home or rental property.

Just like the windows in your walls, roof windows come with a wide variety of options for glazing and glass, including tinted glasses that protect against sun bleaching and gas-filled chambers between the window panes. They also feature operating mechanisms, such as tilt and pivot awning windows that can be opened manually or motorised with remote control.

Roof windows can be operated to provide ventilation when the weather is warm, preventing moisture build-up and reducing condensation. When used in bedrooms, roof windows can help to regulate internal sleep cycles by providing plenty of fresh air. They are also a great option for attic rooms where additional ventilation and lighting is required.

Optimal indoor climate was achieved in the four simulation variants with roof windows, compared to the basic model without roof windows. This was a result of lower overheating and a more even distribution of lighting levels, especially for the top and combined lighting (see figure 2). It can be concluded that a higher proportion of roof windows leads to a better integration of the building into the sunlight situation. The need for supply energy for cooling can therefore be reduced significantly, especially in the summer.