Glazed skylights have adorned high ceilings of churches and museums for ages. The play of light on the walls not only brightens up the space but also changes the experience of it.

A lot of modern homes today include roof windows or a skylight in the architectural design. The abundance of daylight is the primary reason for it. After all, a few hundreds saved on energy bills is always welcome. But the benefits of roof windows and skylights go beyond that.

Want to know why fitting a skylight is a wise decision?

Natural Lighting

Installing a skylight helps reduce dependency on artificial lighting. It makes sense especially in an area that receives a good amount of sunlight the year round.

Certainly, the size of the skylight will determine the amount of light coming in. The light is sufficient to brighten up a space during daytime. Besides, the distribution of natural light from a roof window is more even compared to that coming in from windows. It is also eco-friendly.

Better Ventilation

In a bid to create compact spaces, many homes lack proper ventilation. The rooms tend to become stuffy and uncomfortable after a while. Among the benefits of roof windows and skylights is their ability to help recycle stale air by improving ventilation.

Skylights can be opened. Some feature remote-controlled operation for convenience. Opening up a skylight allows the warm air to rise up and out. This instantly refreshes the air in the room and also cools it down, something that an air conditioner does not do. These roof windows are an ideal addition in a bathroom or kitchen where one needs to get rid of hot air and unpleasant odors.

Energy Efficient 

Speaking of the benefits of roof windows and skylights, energy efficiency is one of them. A skylight brings in extra light. In winters, the skylight traps heat indoors warming up cold spaces. In the summers, the ventilation provides a blast of fresh, cold air. All this automatically reduces electricity consumption needed for lighting, heating and cooling. Skylights with special coatings help prevent overheating. Also, make sure there is no leakage to avoid the trapped heat from escaping.

Health Benefits

Thanks to our current lifestyles, we spend most of our waking time indoors. Fitting a skylight will help you secure the benefits of the natural sunlight without having to step out.

You can soak up the abundance of Vitamin D needed to strengthen your bones. Not many are aware of this, but natural light is an instant mood booster. Many people suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). It is characterised by depression caused due to lower levels of sunlight at specific times of the year. Fitting a skylight can help manage SAD.

A skylight extends the indoor space into the outdoors, A roof window or a skylight affords breathtaking views of the skyline above. Just soaking in the views can be an instant pick me up for your mood.

A skylight in the bedroom could also help regulate sleep patterns. It puts your body in sync with the natural day and night cycle. The positive impact on mood and psychological states improves productivity too.

Create the illusion of a bigger room

Light does not only liven up a room, but also widens it. So, if you have a small space a roof window can really create the impression of a bigger, spacious room. Placement always makes the difference.

Boost Property Value

The benefits of roof windows and skylights are not restricted to the functional aspects only. It is about the design elements too. A skylight can literally transform the look of a dull, drab space. In many areas, it could be the focal point too. Skylights are available in different shapes including the standard square and circular designs to unusual geometric shapes. They could be angled or arranged in multiples to achieve a desired look.

These cosmetic changes around the home go a long way to boost the value of your home, fetching a better resale value.

Better Structural Integrity

Another of the benefits of roof windows and skylights is how it keeps your home in top condition. Cool and damp places are at a higher risk of mold and spore growth.

Mold and mildew have a negative impact on health. It also affects the home’s structures including the walls and wooden units. The heat and ventilation helps tackle the dampness and stale air.

Given all the benefits of roof windows and skylights, they make the perfect addition to your space, aesthetically and functionally. Work with a reputed roofing company to complete a skylight installation that suits your needs. While you can always do it yourself, expert consultation will help save on the costs of a wrong product model choice or installation.

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